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  • What is SMILEY?
    SMILEY is a Indoor playcenter consisting of a large ballpit, slide, playground, interactive environment pit, interactive ball pit, Lego room, Cafe, and redemption arcade. Whether youre coming in alone or with a party, SMILEY has something for everyone.
  • What ages can play?
    Our Ball Pit is for children ages 10 and under, only Adults 18 years or older may assist children in the ball pit. Our Redemption Arcade is for children and adults of all ages.
  • Do I have to wear specific socks?
    Yes, we require that you wear our SMILEY grip socks to play in our playground and ball pit areas. They can be purchased at the front desk for $2.75 +tax, and may be reused anytime you return to SMILEY.
  • What are your prices?
    Our prices can be found under the Ocean Story, Arcade, and Cafe tabs on our website.
  • Do I need to pay if I'm not playing or getting in the ball pit?
    No, if you are only watching and don't plan to get in to assist a young child there is no additional cost for you. If you plan to assist your child in the play areas, there are additional admission fees you will have to pay.
  • Can I bring in outside food or drinks?
    SMILEY does not allow outside food or drinks. food and drinks may be purchased in our Cafe, and we provide cups or water free of charge. The only exception to this rule is for Birthday Parties or Table Parties who may bring in cake or cupcakes fot their party. If you plan to bring in cake or cupcakes, you MUST book a Birthday Party or Table Party.
  • Do you sell giftcards?
    Yes, giftcards are only available for sale at our front desk in store.
  • Are there different prices based on age?
    Yes, we have separate prices for children ages 2 and under and ages 3-10. Prices can be found under the Ocean Story tab on our websites homepage.
  • Do you offer a military discount?
    Yes, All active and veteran service members recieve a 10% discount as a thanks for their service for our country. Military ID or proof of service must be provided.
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